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 contrato de Shawn Michaels

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MensajeTema: contrato de Shawn Michaels   Sáb Jul 04, 2009 12:05 am

Shawn Michaels

World Wrestling Federation

The Rockers (1988–1991)
Main article: The Rockers
The Rockers redebuted at a WWF house show on July 7, 1988.[15] Due to WWF chairman Vince McMahon's desire to have his performers carry WWF-exclusive ring names, they were renamed, as simply "The Rockers."[1] The team proved popular with both children and women.[6] The team was a mid-card stalwart of television and pay-per-view shows for the next two years.[16]

In October 1990, The Rockers were scheduled to win the WWF Tag Team Championship from The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart), as Neidhart, half of the championship team, was in the process of negotiating his release from the company.[16] The match was taped with The Rockers winning the belts, but soon after, Neidhart came to an agreement with management and was rehired.[16] The belts were returned to the Hart Foundation, while the title change was never broadcast or even acknowledged on television.[16] When news spread, WWF explained that the original result was void due to a collapsed turnbuckle in the ring during the bout. A buckle had indeed broken, but not to a noticeable or dangerous extent during the match.[1] The Rockers continued their partnership, eventually splitting on December 2, 1991 during an incident on Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's televised Barber Shop talk show promotional segment.[17] Michaels superkicked Jannetty and threw him through a glass window on the set of Beefcake's talk show.[6][18] Jannetty disappeared from the company, and Michaels became a villain as "The Boy Toy."[17]

Heartbreak Kid (1992–1995)
See also: Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash
At the suggestion of "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig, Michaels adopted the nickname "The Heartbreak Kid."[6] Along with his new name came a new gimmick as a vain, cocky villain.[19] He was put together with mirror-carrying manager, Sensational Sherri, who, according to the storyline, had become infatuated with him.[17] Sherri even sang the first version of his new theme music, "Sexy Boy."[1] During that period, Michaels normally wrestled during the first half of house shows, and his departure was announced with the words, "Shawn Michaels has left the building" (alluding to the phrase "Elvis has left the building").[20]

Michaels at a live event in 1994Michaels failed to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Bret Hart in July 1992, even losing the WWF's first-ever ladder match against him at a house show, a match where the objective was to climb a ladder and reach an object hanging above the ring.[21] He, however, won the title from The British Bulldog (David Smith) on the October 27, 1992 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, which aired on November 8.[22] Shortly thereafter, he was in a pay-per-view main event for the first time, in which he lost to Hart, for the WWF Championship at the 1992 Survivor Series.[23] Michaels and Hart were moved to the main event after The Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig) was unable to compete in the tag team match that involved Randy Savage (Randall Poffo) against the team of Ric Flair and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall).[24] During this time, Michaels and Sherri split and he engaged himself in a feud with former tag team partner Marty Jannetty.[6] Michaels lost the Intercontinental Championship to Jannetty on Monday Night Raw on May 17, 1993.[22] He then regained it on June 6 with the help of his debuting "bodyguard" (and off-air friend) Diesel (Kevin Nash).[1] [22]

In September 1993, Michaels had quit the company, after it was announced that he had failed to defend his title enough times during a set period; in reality, he had been suspended for testing positive for steroids – a charge that Michaels denies to this day.[25] After turning down World Championship Wrestling (WCW)'s advances, Michaels returned to the WWF and made several appearances in the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) during a WWF/USWA cross-promotion. He returned to WWF television for November's Survivor Series pay-per-view, substituting for Jerry Lawler, who was dealing with legal issues, in a match pitting himself and three of Lawler's "Knights" against the Hart brothers, Bret, Bruce, Keith, and Owen.[26]

He soon entered a staged rivalry with Razor Ramon, who had won the vacated Intercontinental Championship, during Michaels' absence.[27] Since Michaels had never been defeated in the ring for the title, he claimed to be the rightful champion and even carried around his old title belt.[27] This feud culminated in a ladder match between the two at WrestleMania X.[27] Michaels lost the match, which featured both his and Ramon's belts suspended above a ladder in the ring.[26][27] This match was voted by fans as "Match of the Year" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.[6] It also received a 5-star rating from Wrestling Observer Newsletter member Dave Meltzer, one of four WWE matches to do so. Over the next few months, Michaels battled various injuries and launched the Heartbreak Hotel television talk show segment, mainly shown on WWF Superstars.[28]

On August 28, 1994, Michaels and Diesel captured the WWF World Tag Team Championship from The Headshrinkers (Samu [Samula Anoa'i] and Fatu [Solofa Fatu]).[29] The next day, at SummerSlam, Diesel lost the Intercontinental championship to Ramon when Michaels accidentally superkicked Diesel.[26] This triggered a split between Michaels and Diesel, a storyline that was drawn out until Survivor Series that November.[30] Michaels went on to win the Royal Rumble in 1995,[31] which set up a championship grudge match at WrestleMania XI against Diesel (who had gone on to win the WWF Championship from Bob Backlund).[31] As part of the storyline, Michaels recruited Sycho Sid as his bodyguard for the build-up, lost the match,[32] and was attacked by Sid the following night.[33] After this, Michaels took time off,[33] because Vince McMahon wanted Michaels to become a crowd favorite.[34]

Clique's influence (1995–1997)
Michaels returned to the ring, as a crowd favorite, in May 1995. He went onto defeat Jeff Jarrett at the July pay-per-view event, In Your House, to win his third Intercontinental championship.[6][35] This led to a title defense against Razor Ramon at SummerSlam, in a ladder match, which Michaels won.[6] Around this time, Michaels became the alleged leader of a backstage group known as The Clique.[6] Others perceived the group to have sufficient clout with WWF owner Vince McMahon, becoming dominant wrestling figures in WWF for several years in the mid-1990s. Michaels disputes the perception, saying that McMahon pushed only deserving wrestlers.[36] Michaels' fan base was later nicknamed "The Kliq" as an inside reference to the real "Clique".[37] In October 1995, he was legitimately attacked by several men outside a bar in Syracuse, New York.[1] Shortly afterwards, at the In Your House: Great White North pay-per-view, Michaels forfeited the Intercontinental championship to staged rival Dean Douglas because he was, according to WWF, unable to compete.[38] Later in the night, Douglas lost the championship to Clique member Razor Ramon.[39] The next month, during a match with Owen Hart on an episode of Raw, Owen performed a kick that struck the back of Michaels' head.[40] They continued the match, but Michaels collapsed in the ring, supposedly because he had suffered a concussion in the Syracuse incident.[1][40] The concussion was scripted, which was kept from most fans at the time.[1] A retirement angle was written so that Michaels could take some time off, after he came back from an injury too soon.[1]

The MSG Incident.After teasing a retirement, Michaels returned to WWF at the Royal Rumble match in 1996, which he wound up winning for a second year in a row, to receive a WWF Championship match in the main event at WrestleMania XII.[41] Around this time, Jose Lothario became Michaels on-screen manager.[42] At WrestleMania XII, Michaels defeated Bret Hart in the 'sudden death' overtime of their sixty minute Iron Man match, a match where the winner is determined by the number of scoring conditions by a certain time limit, which had ended in a 0–0 tie.[6] On May 19, 1996 in an incident known as "Curtain Call: The MSG Incident," Michaels won a steel cage match, a match where the ring is surrounded by a steel cage, against Diesel. After the match ended, Razor Ramon, who was about to leave WWF to company rival WCW, came to the ring and hugged Michaels.[43] Although Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Nash were seen as villains at the time, in contrast to Michaels and Hall, they were also members of The Clique, and joined in the good-bye hug as a group.[43] The incident was seen as a rare breach in "kayfabe", the faux action and storylines that promoters wanted the fans to see as real.[43] As WCW gained momentum due to the signings of Hall and Nash, Michaels held the championship for most of the year. Michaels' championship reign ended at the 1996 Survivor Series event, where he lost to Sycho Sid, his former bodyguard.[44] Michaels recaptured the championship from Sid in January 1997 at the Royal Rumble.[45]

Movimientos finales
Sweet Chin Music[2] (Superkick)
Heartbreaker (Modified figure four leglock) - 2008-presente
Teardrop Suplex (Leg hook suplex) - En sus inicios
Sharpshooter[69] - 2005

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MensajeTema: Re: contrato de Shawn Michaels   Sáb Jul 04, 2009 12:22 pm

Contrato Aceptado. Bienvenido a la EBW, la liga MÁS extrema

~~Layla El by: alepz~jericholic~~

With Layla London (17-02-09/07-03-09)
~~Team 3D by: THBR~~

~~Palmarés en la WSE~~

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MensajeTema: Re: contrato de Shawn Michaels   Sáb Jul 04, 2009 2:13 pm

Suerte con Shawn Michaels y cuidamelo T.T. Y por cierto te informo de como va Shawn Michaels:

*Los títulos que ha tenido:
- 2 veces Urban Chamipon
-1 vez EBW Champion

- Con Triple H
- Con JBL & Jeff Hardy
- Y en su ultimo combate en el Gym de la WSE insulto a The Miz y a Jack Swagger no se si se lo tomaron a mal.
- Estubiste en un Stable junto a Triple H, John Morrison & Kane.

*Motivo por el que fue despedido:
- Por doparse, asi que puedes hacer una Promo como arrepentimiento y decir que regresas o tan solo una promo para decir que regresas.

*Shawn Michaels aqui es Heel.

Un saludo de Thecerebralassassin.

Pd: Espero que te sirva de algo todo esto (Y te pasare algunos gifs por Mensaje Privado)

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contrato de Shawn Michaels
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